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Shraddha Evoque Phase 1


Shraddha Landmark is a real estate company known for its expertise in ensuring best quality and mastery over the design area. It offers 1BHK and 2 BHK spacious apartments integrated with the number of world class amenities that gives the best living structure for the lifestyle. This carefully crafted project, where life is evergreen is a New launch project from the house of Shraddha Landmark properties brings you a new world of live comfortable location of Sion in Mumbai, where lifestyle at its best phase! This model offers competitively priced apartments to those looking for a stylish and classy lifestyle. The Shraddha formation gives high on connectivity and convenience as well. This masterpiece is designed by the best architect of India and also uses best construction material. The construction is designed as a big town ship and also having commercial space that is best option of Business Purpose.This project handiwork is in close proximity to major IT campuses, your workplace could be just a stone’s throw away. this investiture offers very good qualities and futures in whole life. such as to its very good news because this installation is situated in the heart of Navi Mumbai, where we know about is ecifying to at large area apartments.This set up offers the best payment Plan, then easily full fills the unit options that are thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of the residents. The exterior of the fabricated homes have been coated with the plastic emulsion that lasts for a long period of time. Shraddha Landmarks is trying to take inspiration from this project to make good homes for its residents. Shraddha Landmarks properties Shraddha Pinnacle Vikhroli Mumbai that offers to other connectivity such as a railway station, an airport, shopping mall etc. A breath of fresh air in the city of Vikhroli may be a luxury for others. On the other hand, this invention is desired to create exemplifying work such as the work is efficient.. All the resources of a world-class city, and the luxuries of daily communion with the natural environment. Thus, the craft is perfect yet comfortable. It is well planned and is built with all modern amenities. In this exemplary work, every residence is a treasure. A treasure that you will cherish for a lifetime. Modern life standards have sufficient green trees and parks. This project is well equipped with all modern amenities and 24X7 security service to facilitate the needs of the residents. This masterpiece is a very good project for investment and end use purpose. Our drive for creating all things beautifully and at the same time, keeping it connected to reality is what drew Shraddha Landmark to the town of Vikhroli located in the central suburbs of Mumbai. A positively developing town can only be one which not only supports one’s daily necessities but also exudes immense potential for holistic development. Vikhroli is one such town with suits the completely! Replete with easy access to the best of infrastructure, education & healthcare and other developments budding like spring flowers all around, it makes locating yourself in Vikhroli, a smart and future determined decision.