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About Shraddha Landmark

Shraddha Landmark is one of the prominent real estate developers in Mumbai. The company started its operations in 2007 and since then has made a mark in the suburban metropolitan with its professional approach and the desire to construct value for all its stakeholders. The company aims to deliver superior value to all its stakeholders and create better homes.

The company’s focus is to create projects spanning across all the categories from residential buildings, township to slum rehabilitation projects. The ultimate long term goal of the company is not only to grow by scale but also to deliver superior quality for better living which adds value to customer. We at Shraddha Landmark create homes for customers from all strata of the society i.e. low cost housing, compact housing, premium housing and super premium housing.

The vision of Shraddha Landmark was simple of creating value and giving better homes to the society at large. It was a sentiment which was deeply engrossed and felt by its promoters. This vision is passed at all levels within the company and is practiced at all levels meticulously.

Right from planning for the project to collaborating with like-minded entities for execution of the project, the ultimate objective of constructing value and giving better homes was in the heart of the entire Shraddha Landmark Group. It was with this vision that Shraddha Landmark was further inspired to extend its business operations both in western and central suburban Mumbai and adjoining areas of Mumbai.

Shraddha Landmark believes in itself of standing for excellence. It is a company which not only believes in its own dreams but also strives to fulfil dreams of all its stakeholders. With expertise in real estate industry the company do not back down any challenge which comes at its hand.


Shraddha Landmark denoted its presence inside the high land business of Mumbai right from its starting point. In the span of 15 years of aptitude underneath its belt, Shraddha Landmark has laid down a good foundation for itself as perhaps of the best builders in Mumbai. The Shraddha Landmark Group's properties are most engaging as a result of their refined area and atmosphere. They are functional inside the ideal places of Bhandup, Thane, Vikhroli, and many more.

The organization has been committed to giving luxury flats choices to its customers and is known as the Top builders and developers in Mumbai. With the triumphant fulfilment of numerous project undertakings in a quick time frame, they have denoted a situation for themselves in the arising land area of this city for the sake of the best builders in Mumbai.

Shraddha Landmark is one of the main builders and developers in Mulund, Mumbai, which for the most part succeeds in conveying residential projects in Mumbai. It guarantees that your fantasy about residing in the best yet agreeable house transforms into the real world. Our great flats which are close to prominent locations guarantee customers an ecstatic encounter of residing in a perfect place where the modern lifestyle would be the USP. Epitomizing the pith of its name, the Shraddha Landmark offers a universe of style in the midst of quiet settings.

Management Team

People are the most valuable asset at Shraddha Landmark, they are the bedrock on which our growth and success stands – they are the pillars of strength that makes us who we are. The management teams comprise of highly-motivated, industry and domain experts who have been with the organization, in most cases, for over a decade now. They closely drive and lead their respective functions infusing impetus, passion, energy and growth for their teams and the organization at large. With commitment to Vision and Mission and the Values, they ensure high-integrity and continued credence in all we do and deliver.

The Board of Directors

Mr. Sudhir Mehta

Ramchandra Ralkar

Vishal Salecha

Rajesh Mehta

Santosh S Samant

Our Values




Customer Centricity




Passion for Innovation